Give dad the gift of less trash and a lusher,greener lawn

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Simple, fast, convenient. It’s like composting, just easier.

Fill Your Bucket

Add your food scraps, coffee grounds, plant clippings, etc into your Karfo.

Press One Button

Select your cycle at the touch of a button and Karfo works its magic.

Use Your Karfo Earth

Better than compost, Karfo Earth is great natural fertilizer for your lawn, garden and plants.

What can go in your Karfo?

From fruits and vegetables to meat and bread, and from yard waste to eco-packaging, Karfo can break down most items. The specific combination of items put into each cycle will determine the resulting end product and its potential applications.

Karfo vs Traditional

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More than 200,000 happy households

Karfo has cut the weight of my trash in HALF!!

Living out in the country where garbage pickup costs an arm and a leg, I've been trucking my trash to the dump for years. Regular rubbish isn't a biggie, but dealing with food scraps has been a real headache. Karfo has cut the weight of my trash in half!

—— Joshua A.

We have the power to enact remarkable environmental transformations

With over 200,000 households adopting Karfo, an impressive 140 million pounds of food scraps are redirected from landfills annually. Moreover, this equates to a substantial amount of nutrient-rich fertilizer that can be reintroduced into the soil.