Karfo's express cycle uses less than 1Kwh, which means it costs just pennies for each cycle!

Karfo is made of recyclable ABS plastic and the interior parts are aluminum alloy. Of course, we wanted to make Karfo out of compostable bioplastics but we have to adhere to very strict safety requirements to make sure Karfo is safe for your home!


110V(USA / Canada); 220-240V(EU version with Type-C plug); 220-240V(Australia).

Karfo's max capacity is 2.5L but we recommend filling Lomi ¾ full for best composting results!

Karfo makes noise comparable to other small countertop appliances which is less than 60 db. It's around the same or less than a coffee maker, modern dishwasher, etc!

Max volume reduction in mass is around 90%.


Karfo doesn't have to run everyday but we don't suggest letting food scraps sit in Karfo for extended periods of time, as it may lead to odors.

Yes, the bucket can be cleaned with dishwasher, and the exterior of the appliance can be wiped down with a damp cloth(do not submerge the appliance in water)

Karfo comes with a proprietary dual-carbon filtration system which adsorb odors and purify the air to contain any bad smells.

Check out our infographic on the main campaign page for all the fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy and other items that can go in Karfo.


Yes! Using Karfo is as easy as the push of a button! Don't worry, your Karfo will come with a full manual as well!

You CAN add to Karfo while it's running if you choose, however, it will start the cycle over so it is not recommended.


Karfo is your new kitchen BFF! No more smelly, leaky garbage, or throwing food scraps away to rot in landfills. With Karfo, you'll be able to turn your waste into nutrient-rich soil. Revolutionize the way you deal with waste, while giving nutrient-rich soil back to the earth.

Karfo does 3 things (not just 1!). It breaks down waste, creates compost and decomposes bioplastics; whereas, others only dehydrate your food and don't create a nutrient rich compost. Remember: Karfo is completely new technology and Patent Pending!

We manufacture Karfo sustainably and ethically in our own China-based manufacturing facility!