How Long Does It Take Karfo to Compost

How Long Does It Take Karfo to Compost

Composting isn’t known for being a fast, easy process. Ever since humans began farming, people have been composting. For many, many years, this was done by tossing organic matter into a heap and letting it naturally decompose; turning it from time to time sped up the process. Even so, you’d have to wait months to get anything out of it!

Nobody has time for that these days!

Fortunately, there’s a solution. We’ve come a long way since the dark, hard days of churning your own compost. Now, you can purchase spinning bins that can pop out some fresh, nutrient-rich soil in only a few weeks. But we can do even better than that.

Enter Karfo. This compact countertop composter can now take your organic food waste and squish it into the food that plants crave in less than a day! In some cases, it can work even faster than that.

Digging into Composting

Many of the electronic countertop composters on the market today are, in fact, glorified food dehydrators. They don’t actually create dirt that can be used for your plants. Instead, they dehydrate and crush your food, creating easy-to-dispose-of mush that isn’t all that appealing to plants.

Karfo is different. Karfo provides everything your food waste needs to become strong fertilizer: microorganisms, heat, aeration, and moisture. Because of this, when you put your scraps into Karfo, you’ll end up getting a nutrient-rich dirt! Within this is an army of natural nutrients and microorganisms that help pep up your plants and boost their health.

How Long Does it Take?

The most exciting part of Karfo’s cutting edge technology is its speed. In the same amount of time that many wannabe electronic composters will spit out some dried out goop, Karfo will fully break down your table scraps.

There are three basic settings on the Karfo, and all of them generally last less than 48 hours.

  • Quick Mode takes 2-4.5 hours. This is the perfect way to start the decomposition process. The waste shrinks considerably, and is perfect for adding to your compost as a starter.


  • Standard Mode takes 3.5-5.5 hours. This is one of Karfo's special features. Unlike other composters, Karfo can break down certified bioplastics into dirt that can then be placed in your green bin.


  • Ferment Mode takes 12-20 hours. By the end of this cycle, you’ll have a microbially-rich end product that is ready to use.

Of course, it’s worth noting that processing time may vary. Not everything composts equally. Some materials are easier for Karfo to break down than others. For example, dried grass clippings can be broken down by express mode in two hours; whole oranges will take four times as long, stopping after eight hours.

How Does Karfo Compost So Fast?

Karfo speeds up the composting process by putting the waste through three key phases of decomposition. The phases include grinding to increase surface area and heating, moisture regulation, and aeration to support important microbes.

Basically, Karfo puts your organic waste through all of the phases of decomposition simultaneously, seriously speeding up both physical and chemical decomposition steps. Thanks to a series of high-tech sensors built into Karfo, the unit can quickly and accurately adjust temperatures, oxygen and moisture levels to create the ideal environment for microbes to thrive.

These factors combined make Karfo the fastest countertop composter on the market, and the most efficient, too!

Getting the Most Out of Karfo

To get the best results from Karfo, you need to know one of its secrets! The Karfo operates by using a variety of sensors. Using these sensors, Karfo determines what it’s composting and what the best way to compost the material will be. Based upon the findings, Karfo adjusts how hot it gets, how often it turns the compost, and so on.

If you want to really boost the speed and efficiency of your Karfo, there are a few tips you should know.


  • The harder and dryer the input waste is, the longer it takes to break down. If you’re in a rush for some compost, toss in something soft and dry.


  • Breaking larger chunks into smaller pieces is a great way to start the process. Chopping up your waste or simply tearing it into smaller bits helps take the load off of your Karfo. A bunch of whole watermelon rinds will compost slower than the equal amount broken into smaller pieces.


  • Some things are not suitable for your Karfo. Avocado pits, for example, are too hard for Karfo to properly compost. Tossing one in will ruin your compost, and it might just break your unit!


  • Just because you can pop it into Karfo doesn’t mean you should. While the Karfo can handle paper scraps and small bits of cotton, they take longer to break down than it’s worth. We recommend you recycle such materials by reusing them or sending them to the proper recycling plants.

As long as you know these basic guidelines, you’re set to go. With just a bit of waste, you (and your Karfo) can be churning out and sharing nutritious, authentic compost in less than two days!


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