Karfo Approved Products & Packaging

Karfo has the unique ability to break down bioplastics – something that can’t even be done by traditional composting methods! However, the quality of compostable products and packaging can be confusing, and it’s essential to understand which products can and cannot be fully composted.

To make it easy for users to make that distinction, Karfo has a certification called “Karfo Approved”. Karfo Approved products and packaging are non-food compostable items that can be efficiently broken down by Karfo and transformed. All Karfo Approved products have passed our rigorous research and testing process, including verification that they will not release toxic chemicals or harm the environment.

Listed in the table below are some of the products that are Karfo Approved.

BB17 Inc/Simply Clean
Plate (6", 9")


Bowl (6", 7")

3 Gallon Compostable Trash Bag

Butcher Paper

Comp' Gallon Bags

Comp' Sandwich Bags

Comp' Quart Bags

Comp' Snack Bags

Paper Drinking Straws

Resealable Food Storage Bags

Resealable Gallon Bags

Resealable Sandwich Bags

Resealable Snack Bags

Small 3 Gallon Food Scrap Bags

Cutlery (spoon & knife)

50/50 NPQ/PLA bones

Cruz Foam
Compostable Foam

Eco Products
Giant Paper Straw - White (9.5 inch)

Hinged Sugarcane Clamshell

Jumbo Paper Straw Black (7.75 inch)

World Art Soup Container (12 oz)

Compostable Cellophane Bag

Compostable Round Stickers

Compostable Mailer

Sugarcane Sunflower Sticker

Transparent Flat Pouch

Sugarcane Straw

Ecoessentials Clamshell

Meat Tray


Full Circle Home Products
Tall Kitchen Bag with Drawstring (13 Gallon)

Green Olive
Small Clamshell
Sugarcane Plate

Good Natured
6.5" Compostable heavy duty fork

6.5" Compostable heavy duty spoon

Mitaly Espresso Ardente Nespresso Capsule

Mitaly Light Roast K-Cup Pod


Invisible Bag
Black Mailer Bag (Sizes S & M)

Garment Bag Transparent (Sizes S, M, & L)

Shopping Bag White

Pura Vida Bioplastics
Straw (5.25", 8", and 10")

Stir Stick

Bagasse Plate 6in

Compostable Tall Kitchen Bag (13 gal)

Compostable Small Kitchen Bag (3 gal)

Compostable Spoon

"Here for the Fun Not Forever" knife

Sunrays Fruits
Grape Pouch Bag

Produce netting

The Better Packaging Co
ComPOST Pack - Black

ComPOST Pack - Stone in the Bluff

Resealable Bags (Saisei)

Treetop Biopak
C Bag - Carrier Bag

C Bag - Garment bag white

Stretch Cling Wrap

Tape - printed

White Produce Net 100um

World Centric
5.2 x 4.2 x 2.5 in NoTree Paper No.1 Take-Out Container

3" PLA Tasting Spoon

24 oz NoTree Wide Paper Bowl

24 - 32 oz NoTree Wide Paper Bowl - LID Paper

32 oz Paper Bowl, White

**Please note some of these products & packaging are only available regionally. Remember to always run a Karfo Standard cycle when you include these materials, with a maximum of 10% Karfo Approved bioplastics to organic waste.

Do not add any materials that are not Karfo Approved as we cannot guarantee they’ll turn to dirt in Karfo.

Check back often for newly added Karfo Approved products & packaging!